What You Should Discuss with Your Orthodontist

No two orthodontic treatment plans are the same, so a consultation appointment is always required for planning before treatment starts. While consultations often include exams, they also require a discussion of treatment goals and options. Here is what you should discuss with our orthodontist.

Treatment Options

A variety of treatment options may be available to you depending on your needs. While some types of braces are more discreet, others are more affordable. If you have bite irregularities that cannot be corrected with braces, you may also benefit from special appliances, such as palatal expanders.

Treatment Timeline

Treatment time can vary significantly depending on the specificities of your case. To be prepared for treatment, you can ask our dentist how soon you can start treatment and how long it will last.

Dental Problems

You should tell our orthodontist about your dental health. If you have certain dental problems, such as active gum disease, you may need treatment before you can get braces.

As regular discussions of treatment progress, expectations and oral health help promote a positive experience during orthodontic treatment. At a consultation with our orthodontists in San Pedro, you can discuss these topics and find out more about the treatments that interest you.


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