Do Dental Bridges Look Like Natural Teeth?

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Dental bridges are a way to restore the look of your smile when you are missing one or more teeth. It is an alternative to dental implants that you and your dentists in Agoura Hills may prefer. If you are doing research before deciding if you would like a dental bridge, you may be wondering how close they will look to your real teeth in different aspects.

The similarity of dental bridges to your natural teeth is mainly due to the process in which they are made and applied. An expert in dental bridges in Agoura Hills will begin the process by taking digital x-rays and impressions of your teeth. They will then make a full dental mold. These will help ensure that your bridge is as close to a perfect fit and match as possible. Many dentists often take multiple impressions until they get one that is perfect. This will better create a bridge that fits well in your mouth and matches up with your gum line.

The color of your new tooth should match your others perfectly. Some dentists even add a shading effect for ultimate realism. Inform your dentist if you are planning to have a whitening after this procedure, as it is likely best your new appliance should match the brighter color.

Your bridge will also be fixed, meaning that it will be cemented into place. This means that not only will your bridge look like a natural part of your smile, but it will feel


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