Relief from TMJ Pain

Aggressive Seniorin

TMJ pain can affect ability to speak and chew if left untreated. Perplexingly, the pain can also go away on its own. TMJ disorder is difficult because of this diverse number of outcomes and treatments. Our expert in TMJ pain treatment in Thousand Oaks knows every case is different, and can prescribe a plan for fast and permanent relief.

If your TMJ pain is mild, you may start with applied heat or cold. If your TMJ pain is moderate to severe you may need painkillers or muscle relaxers, either over the counter or prescription-only. As a notorious cause of TMJ disorder is stress or anxiety, you may benefit from a tricyclic antidepressant.

There are also relaxation techniques you can learn, and ergonomic exercises you can do. Sitting properly at your workstation can reduce the strain on your neck and spinal cord, areas where tension settles.

For extreme cases of TMJ, maxillofacial or neuromuscular surgery may be required. However, the Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research considers these invasive procedures to be last resorts only.

Recently, doctors began to use Botox to essentially freeze the inflamed muscles. This is something you should ask your doctor about.

For more about relief from TMJ pain, contact our Thousand Oaks TMJ dentist.


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