Benefits of Dental Fillings

Beauty face of the young beautiful woman

The presence of cavities can be worrying. They can present health issues beyond damage to your smile. Fortunately, dentistry has developed a procedure to restore your smile after a cavity with non-invasive, undetectable tools and materials.

Dental fillings can be made with many different materials, including amalgam and resins. Composite resin, also known as white filling, is most commonly used, as its color is most similar to the natural color of teeth. The dental filling procedure begins with the removal of decay. The filling material is then placed in the space to restore both the look and structure. After the material hardens, our cosmetic dentist in Northridge uses tools to shape and smooth it around the tooth. By the end of the process, your damaged tooth will look new, or at least like all the others.

Not only do dental fillings restore the look and structural integrity of your tooth, they also eliminate the chance of further decay, which would destroy more of the tooth and likely affect the nerves and tissues. Our expert in dental fillings in Northridge can further explain the multiple benefits of dental fillings.


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