Pros and Cons of Mini Dental Implants

Dental implantDental implants are the preferred treatment for tooth loss. For a variety of reasons, a patient may choose to receive mini dental implants.

Advantages of Mini Implants

• Small: The narrow diameter of a mini implant allows it to fit into spaces that are too small to accommodate a standard sized implant.
• Quick treatment: Mini implants can often be placed in a single appointment, in a procedure that is less invasive than that of standard implants.
• Short recovery: Since the procedure is not invasive, healing time is short.
• Cost: Mini implants are inexpensive compared to standard implants.
• Preserves bone: Mini implants prevent bone loss just like the root of a natural tooth. This avoids facial collapse, allowing patients to maintain the shape of their face.
• Comfortable: Ordinary dentures can slip or become uncomfortable. This is not the case when dentures are supported by implants, since these dentures are held in place by the implants.

Disadvantages of Mini Implants

• Requires sufficient bone: Mini implants require sufficient vertical bone to support them. Sometimes a bone graft can be used to build up bone if the amount of bone is not sufficient.
• Shorter shelf life of dentures: Dentures supported by implants require more care than regular dentures, and may not last as long.

To learn more about mini implants or to see if you qualify, contact our implants dentist in Beverly Hills.


Pros and Cons of Lumineers


Lumineers are more than just fancy veneers. They use a proprietary technology to transform the smile without invasion. This process, like almost everything else in dentistry, comes with pros and cons. The following description of each may help you decide if Lumineers are right for you.


Other veneers require modification of tooth structure before they can be attached, which makes the process irreversible. Lumineers do not alter the teeth, and can be removed at any time if for some reason the patient changes her mind.

Lumineers are known for their remarkable thinness—about the size of a contact lens. The laminates are custom-fit, and are designed to mimic the light-reflecting properties of natural teeth. They last quite a long time, twenty years in some cases.


Because of their delicacy, Lumineers are susceptible to bruxism. This just means if you grind your teeth significantly, our dentist may not approve you for Lumineers. Bruxism can be a serious condition that may require deeper orthodontic work.

Lumineers are sometimes not as color-correct as porcelain veneers. Last but not least, there are exceptions to the non-invasion policy. As with other cosmetic or restorative procedures, the success of Lumineers depends on the case. Some restrictions may apply.

For more, contact our expert in Lumineers in Los Angeles.

What Laser Dentistry Can Do

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Lasers are among the latest instruments to be used in dentistry. Amazingly precise and fast acting, lasers offer several benefits to patients. Here is a look at some of the ways in which laser dentistry shines.


Makes Treatment Easier for Patients

When lasers are used, treatment is faster and more comfortable. Bleeding is dramatically reduced by lasers, which essentially cauterize incisions as they work. This is ideal, for example, in gum reshaping and tissue biopsy procedures. After laser treatments, recovery also occurs more quickly.


Offers Antibacterial Effects

Lasers can kill bacteria on contact, creating a valuable tool in certain treatments. This makes lasers a worthwhile addition to gum disease treatments, in which our dentist works to eliminate bacteria from the periodontal pockets and tooth roots. Before placing fillings, our dentist can use lasers to better rid decayed areas of bacteria.


Boosts Teeth Whitening Results

Our San Francisco dentist can use lasers to give patients a faster, more comfortable teeth whitening experience. After putting peroxide gel on the teeth, our dentist applies the laser to the enamel in order to activate the bleaching effects.

Lasers are a major addition to restorative and cosmetic dental care. At CitiDent, patients can receive a full range of innovative laser treatments. Patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Ben Amini, our expert in laser dentistry in San Francisco, to find out more about our laser dentistry options.

Should Wisdom Teeth Always be Removed?

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Wisdom teeth, as the name may suggest, are teeth that do not fully appear until one enters adulthood. Technically a set of third molars, these teeth are the last of the permanent teeth to come in, normally appearing in the late teens or early 20s.

In researching cheap smile makeovers in Los Angeles, you will see that any treatment plan addresses how to handle wisdom teeth if they are still present. In most cases, a mouth has very little room left to accommodate wisdom teeth, and their presence can cause problems. For instance, if there is not enough space for them to erupt through the gumline, they may become impacted. If this happens, they can crowd and damage adjacent teeth. If they are partially impacted, they may trap bacteria and become a source for decay and infection. For these reasons, they are usually removed before problems can arise.

Occasionally, wisdom teeth may be able to safely remain in the mouth without causing problems. If wisdom teeth are fully erupted, come in straight with a proper bite, do not crowd the surrounding teeth, and are able to be sufficiently brushed and flossed, they may not need to be removed.

If you still have your wisdom teeth, call our expert in wisdom teeth removal in Los Angeles to find out if you should have them removed.

Can Porcelain Crowns Get Stained?

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Dental porcelain is a highly stain-resistant material. Dr. Frame, our cosmetic dentist in Santa Clara, chooses a color that matches the color of your natural teeth when he designs your crown. This ensures your crown blends seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Once the crown is in position, it will not stain under normal circumstances.

However, porcelain can become stained if it loses its glazed finish. This is most likely to occur if you use a highly abrasive toothpaste or if the crown becomes damaged. You can prevent this with good dental practices. Use a soft-bristled brush, non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste, and a light touch every time you brush. Floss daily. If you grind your teeth, wear a night guard so that you are not at risk of cracking or otherwise damaging the crown. If you notice small margins at the border of the crown and the tooth, let us know so that we can polish them before they become noticeable.

Over time, your natural teeth can become stained, causing your teeth and your crowns to look mismatched. Teeth whitening may be one option, but your crowns may need to be replaced, as well, for the most aesthetic results. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Frame, our porcelain crowns dentist in Santa Clara.

What are the Advantages of Same Day Crowns?

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Many know the inconvenience and frustration of having to miss work, school, or other engagements to go to a dentist appointment. If you require treatment such as a dental crown, you likely have had to attend several appointments before the restoration is complete. With same day crowns, this annoying process is no longer necessary. You can get your teeth capped and protected in just one appointment.

CEREC technology speeds up the process that used to take at least two appointments with a whole week wait in between. After preparing the tooth by ridding it of any decay, our cosmetic dentist in Agoura Hills will take an impression of the tooth. Using this, the CEREC machine can make a crown out of porcelain or ceramic resin while you wait.

You may be the perfect patient for our expert in same day crowns in Agoura Hills if you have:

Weak or decaying teeth

  • Broken teeth that need to be restored
  • Discolored teeth that would benefit from the uniform color of a crown
  • A tooth with a filling that needs support

Our cosmetic dentists in Agoura Hills used to cap a tooth with a temporary crown to protect the tooth in between appointments. But these were not as strong as permanent crowns, and not custom designed to fit. Now you can skip the long, frustrating process and get a crown in a day.

How Mini Dental Implants Work

Dental implantThere are many options available in dentistry when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges, dentures, and implants all work to restore the look and functionality of your smile. Under certain circumstances, mini dental implants, or MDI’s, can also be used to the same effect.

Mini dental implants work slightly differently than typical dental implants. While single dental implants are used to replace one individual tooth, mini implants have multiple uses. They are often employed to stabilize the lower jaw if the patient has dentures that do not feel stable or form fitting. They are also used to replace pre-molar teeth, or teeth in narrow areas.

Some other important traits specific to MDI’s:

• They are approximately half the width of traditional dental implants, or about the size of a toothpick
• Not fully submerged into the gums when replacing a tooth in a narrow area
• If implant failure occurs, bone grafting will not be necessary
• Do not require a screw
• Less costly.

How your mini implants work depends on whether you need them to replace a tooth in a specific area, or if you require them to assist your dentures. If the former, they will likely be placed in a method similar to a regular dental implant. If the latter applies, four MDI’s will be inserted into your jaw bone, and a retaining fixture will be placed on top of the gums. The implants thus act as roots for the replacement teeth, and your dentures can now snap into place.

Feel free to talk with our Los Angeles dental implant dentist for more information.