Do I Need Emergency Dental Surgery?

Terrible tooth ache.

Certain dental emergencies, or dental situations that have escalated quickly, can require emergency dental surgery. With only a quick assessment, a Los Angeles dental emergency doctor can decide if immediate dental surgery will be required. There are several situations in which this might be the case, but fortunately, our dentist can perform several procedures to get your damaged tooth back on track.

Dental implants: implants are used to replace missing teeth, or teeth that are too damaged or decayed to remain in place. This process is normally a long one, often spanning several months, but in some cases, a same day dental implant can be placed in one visit.

Cosmetic surgeries: An immediate surgery may be needed to quickly restore the look of your smile. These include the placement of Veneers, crowns, and fillings. Cosmetic surgeries often have oral health purposes, as well, as untreated damage can lead to damage to other teeth.

Toothaches: Pain in a tooth, whether consistent or not is considered a dental emergency. Procedures such as removal or root canal can eliminate the pain as soon as possible.

Be sure to have the correct information for dental services in case you require a Los Angeles emergency dental surgeon.


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