How Mini Dental Implants Work

Dental implantThere are many options available in dentistry when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges, dentures, and implants all work to restore the look and functionality of your smile. Under certain circumstances, mini dental implants, or MDI’s, can also be used to the same effect.

Mini dental implants work slightly differently than typical dental implants. While single dental implants are used to replace one individual tooth, mini implants have multiple uses. They are often employed to stabilize the lower jaw if the patient has dentures that do not feel stable or form fitting. They are also used to replace pre-molar teeth, or teeth in narrow areas.

Some other important traits specific to MDI’s:

• They are approximately half the width of traditional dental implants, or about the size of a toothpick
• Not fully submerged into the gums when replacing a tooth in a narrow area
• If implant failure occurs, bone grafting will not be necessary
• Do not require a screw
• Less costly.

How your mini implants work depends on whether you need them to replace a tooth in a specific area, or if you require them to assist your dentures. If the former, they will likely be placed in a method similar to a regular dental implant. If the latter applies, four MDI’s will be inserted into your jaw bone, and a retaining fixture will be placed on top of the gums. The implants thus act as roots for the replacement teeth, and your dentures can now snap into place.

Feel free to talk with our Los Angeles dental implant dentist for more information.


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