Whitening Dental Veneers

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Among the most common reasons to get porcelain veneers is to achieve a whiter smile. With the ability to be matched to any shade a patient desires, they will brighten a smile in as little as two dental visits. In addition, they do not stain, so maintaining your new smile is easy with veneers.

However, porcelain veneers cannot be whitened, so once a color is chosen it cannot be changed without replacing the veneers. With this fact in mind, here are some suggestions if you are considering veneers.

If you do not have veneers already…
o and you want veneers on all of your teeth that are visible in your smile, the process is simple. Just have your veneers placed in the shade you want.
o and you will not be getting veneers on all of your visible teeth (i.e. only on the top), it is best to first have your teeth whitened with a conventional whitening treatment to achieve the shade of white you want. You can then match the veneers to this shade.

If you already have veneers and are unhappy with the shade, the only way to improve it is to have them replaced. As mentioned above, if there are any natural teeth in your smile, first have them whitened to your desired shade, and then replace the old veneers with new ones to match the new tooth color.

If you want to whiten your smile with veneers, contact our porcelain veneer dentist for a consultation.


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