What is Orthodontics?

Three young people smilingOrthodontics is a dental specialty concerned with diagnosing and correcting irregularities of the teeth and jaws. Through braces and other treatments, orthodontists improve the appearance, oral health, and comfort of patients. More about what orthodontics does and what options it offers is below.

What Orthodontics Does

By straightening teeth, orthodontics can increase the confidence of patients. Treatment also makes plaque accumulation less likely and eases oral hygiene afterwards, reducing risks of cavities and gum disease as a result. Finally, patients whose teeth fit together correctly are less likely to experience tooth breakage or TMJ.

What Orthodontics Offers

Orthodontics includes multiple types of braces, as well as other treatments. Besides traditional metal braces, patients today may be able to receive ceramic braces, lingual braces, clear braces, or other options. Appliances for widening the palate or adjusting the position of the jaw are also available.

To provide orthodontic treatment, orthodontists must complete not only a four-year college education and dental school but also advanced orthodontic training. Extensive knowledge of how the teeth and other orofacial structures work together prepares orthodontists to detect and correct a broad range of issues affecting oral health. At a consultation with our Houston orthodontist, you can learn more about orthodontic care.


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