Reasons a Tooth May Have to be Extracted

Two women hugging and smilingWhile the practice of dentistry generally focuses on the preservation of teeth, sometimes it is not possible to hang onto all of your teeth. To preserve your overall oral health, it may occasionally become necessary to pull a tooth. Here are reasons why a dental extraction may need to be performed.

• A severely damaged tooth: Sometimes a tooth is too severely injured or decayed to be restored. In these cases, the only option may be to pull the tooth.
• An infected tooth: While a root canal can often remove an infection, a tooth with a severe infection or a complex inner anatomy of canals can make a root canal extremely difficult to perform. If a root canal in such a tooth is not attempted or if one is attempted and fails, the tooth often needs to be pulled.
• Overcrowding: Sometimes a mouth is too full to safely accommodate all of the teeth. In these cases, a tooth often needs to be pulled to preserve the health of adjacent teeth.
• Periodontal disease: If periodontal (gum) disease has progressed to the point that teeth have become loose, it may become necessary to pull them.

No one wants to lose a tooth unless it is necessary. Our dentist in West Hollywood is highly experienced in evaluating the condition of teeth and assessing whether a tooth can remain in the mouth or needs to be pulled. Call our office to schedule a consultation.


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