Why Would a Tooth Need to be Extracted?

Terrible tooth ache.

Permanent teeth are supposed to last forever. The objective of dentistry is to save teeth. But sometimes this is not possible. For various reasons, a tooth may need to be pulled. Here are some reasons our expert in emergency tooth extraction in Los Angeles may need to remove a tooth.

• Severely decayed or damaged tooth: A tooth that is too badly damaged from decay or trauma to be saved will need to be pulled.
• Infected tooth: Sometimes tooth infections can be treated with root canal therapy. But if the infection is too severe, or if root canal therapy was tried and failed, the tooth may need to be pulled.
• Fractured tooth: Some fractures cannot be repaired. This is especially the case with fractures that occur along the root of a tooth. A non-repairable fracture gives bacteria easy access to the tooth and the ability to cause repeated infections. For this reason, a fractured tooth may need to be removed.

Several non-emergency situations may also necessitate removal of teeth. Overcrowding, impacted teeth and periodontal disease may lead to the need for tooth extraction.

If you have a badly damaged tooth or are suffering from tooth pain, contact our Los Angeles emergency dentist to find out if your tooth can be saved.


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