What Can Cause Bumps on Tongue?

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Bumps on your tongue can be uncomfortable or painful. Most of the time, these bumps are not a sign of a more serious problem, but they can be bothersome. Finding out what is causing those bumps on tongue is necessary to achieve relief. Our dentists can help.

At your appointment, our dentist will examine your tongue and oral cavity for sores, swelling, changes in color, abnormal texture, and other symptoms. He will ask about changes in taste or pain and about how long you have had your symptoms. He may also check for any other oral issues.

Common causes of tongue bumps include canker sores, oral thrush, allergic reactions, mouth injuries, or enlarged papillae. The treatments for these issues can vary. Canker sores respond well to laser treatments while thrush will generally need to be treated with an antifungal treatment. Less commonly, bumps can be associated with HPV infections or syphilis. In rare cases, they can be symptomatic of oral cancer. Early diagnosis of oral cancer is associated with more treatment options and more positive outcomes.


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