Can You Have Teeth Whitening While Nursing?

Close up of loving mother and baby posing at home

Everyone wants whiter teeth. New mothers are no exception. But is it safe to get your teeth whitened while you are breast feeding?

The short answer is yes. Both professional and over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments are considered safe for nursing mothers.

Professional treatments performed in a dental office normally use ultraviolet light, which will not impact breast milk or the milk supply. In addition, since the gel is applied to your teeth while you are in the dental chair, very little if any gel is swallowed, so it does not reach your bloodstream and enter your breast milk.

OTC whitening strips and gels are also very safe. You swallow very little gel with these products, so the gel does not enter your breast milk in any significant quantity. However, the standard trays that come with OTC gels often do not fit the teeth well, so to minimize the risk of gel leaking out, if you use an OTC kit it may be a good idea to ask your dentist to make you a tray that is custom-made to fit your mouth. In addition, use OTC whitening products only according to package instructions.

Naturally, every mom is concerned about the well-being of her baby. If you have questions or concerns about whitening while breastfeeding, contact our teeth whitening specialist in Beverly Hills to get all of your questions answered.


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