Who Can Get Snap On Smile?

Three young people smilingMany patients come into our offices who haven’t had their teeth treated in a very long time, which has resulted in multiple flaws in their smile. At this time, patients have a few different options. They can opt for a full mouth reconstruction, which involves separate treatments and procedures to fix each issue either at the same time or in quick succession. Alternatively, they can choose to focus on only the one or two most noticeable flaws, in order to reduce treatment time and expenses. Many patients, however, love the simplicity and flexibility of the Snap On Smile.

Snap On Smile works exactly how its name suggests. They are made with a strong, high-tech dental resin, formed in the shape of the outsides of the teeth. They snap on to the teeth and essentially cover them, masking any unsightly cosmetic flaws.

Snap On Smile candidates include those with:
• Gaps
• Crooked teeth
• Dental stains
• Missing teeth
• The inability to get dental bridges or implants
• An old restoration that needs to be removed
• The desire for a Hollywood-worthy smile

Our Snap On Smile dentist can perform an examination and inform you if you are qualified for the appliance.


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