When is a Full Mouth Reconstruction Recommended?

Catastrophic tooth loss can happen over the decades as you age, or all at once due to trauma or illness. Whether you pursue full mouth reconstruction can depend solely on your level of insurance. But if you need a full mouth reconstruction and do not receive it, your quality of life can disappear quickly.

Most of all it is important to know what kind of dentistry can service you at the right price.

For minimal tooth loss, you may get by with dental bridges or something like an all-on-4 dental implant. The latter is four new prosthetic teeth per arch, upper and lower, as opposed to the traditional number of six or eight implants per arch.

Our expert in full mouth reconstruction in Los Angeles advises you to consider combinations of the full menu, as many different remedies may be required. Both restorative and cosmetic dentistry may apply, as well as elements of prosthodontics (implants and grafting), endodontics (root canals), and orthodontics (braces and bridges).

For more about full mouth reconstruction, contact our Los Angeles dentist.


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