What You Should Consider about Teeth Whitening

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There are risks and rewards to teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentistry is always about reasonable expectations. Do not declare yourself a candidate without knowing what set of teeth whitens best, and which whitening service you should choose.

First of all, you can whiten your teeth yourself. But our teeth whitening dentist in Northridge advises you to do so under supervision. Over-the-counter whitening results are a mixed bag of results, and you can harm your teeth with improper dosages.

In-office whitening with products like Zoom is perhaps the best way to whiten. The average session only lasts about 45 minutes, and sometimes you can add up to nine shades of brightness.

This kind of whitening is successful in about 90 percent of patients. The 10 percent fail rate is largely due to patients whose teeth were stained gray or brown, or who previously got veneers or bonding. Gray or brown stains typically do not respond to whitening, and veneers and bonding are essentially whitening procedures already.

As far as side effects, the most common is increased sensitivity—informally known as “zingers”. This effect is short-term, and the specialist can halt the session until it subsides.

For more about teeth whitening, contact our cosmetic dentist in Northridge.

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