What is the Purpose of Crown Lengthening

Junge Frau lächelt charmant

A crown lengthening is a special procedure that is used to extend the length of the crown, the part of the tooth that is visible above the gum line. This procedure has both restorative and cosmetic purposes. We might recommend it for a tooth that has decay at or near the gum line, if the tooth has broken near the gumline, or if you have a gummy smile.

During the procedure, the affected tissues are numbed. The gums are separated from the tooth or teeth to be treated. The excess tissue is removed, and if necessary, the bone around the tooth can also be contoured. Once more of the crown has been exposed, any needed procedures can be completed. This includes dental fillings and temporary dental crowns. The treated gum tissue will be protected with sutures or special bandages, and once the tissues have healed, the final restoration can be completed.

As with any dental surgery, some discomfort is normal, but most patients heal well. We will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to promote healing. If the procedure was performed for cosmetic reasons, you can continue with other procedures once the tissues have fully healed. Call us to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our dentist.

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