When are Dentures Recommended?

Senior Couple Relaxing On Sofa At Home

Dentures are one of three options available to those missing teeth. Implants and bridges are also popular options, but many choose dentures for several viable reasons. Our dentist in Orange County may recommend dentures for you depending on factors such as your oral health, age, and personal preferences.

Partial dentures

When even just one tooth in the smile is missing, a patient’s dental and oral health can be seriously compromised. The gap left from the missing tooth means it is possible for the remaining teeth to shift into that space, which causes severe orthodontic issues. Filling the gap with a partial denture can prevent this affect, as well as restore the look of the smile.

Full Dentures

Dentures may be the most effective option when all of the teeth in the mouth have been knocked-out or removed. Implants can take months to heal and dental bridges need stable teeth for support. Patients who do not have the time or dental health for these options can get a solution all at once with full dentures.

Our expert in dentures in Orange County can discuss your options at a consultation appointment. Call to schedule one today and start on the road to a renewed smile.


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