When is Invisalign the Better Option?

The differences between Invisalign and other orthodontic appliances make the treatment preferable to many patients. By taking stock of priorities and comparing them to what Invisalign offers, patients can more effectively determine if this treatment is the best for them. Here is more about when Invisalign can be the better choice.


When Comfort Is a Priority

For maximizing comfort, Invisalign is difficult to match. Its smooth plastic aligners never abrade the inner cheeks. Furthermore, aligners can be ideal for patients who play contact sports or woodwind instruments, such as the clarinet.


When Discretion Is Desired

Once again, Invisalign easily surpasses many other options. The clarity of Invisalign aligners is a major reason why patients choose it. With this treatment, others will hardly be able to tell that a patient is undergoing orthodontic treatment.


When Fast Results Are Preferred

Invisalign works more quickly than many alternatives, and requires fewer appointments from our expert in orthodontics in Rocklin. In contrast to the two years metal braces often require, Invisalign can be completed in an average of fifteen months.

Patients who want to find out if this treatment is right for them can schedule a consultation with our Invisalign doctor in Rocklin. If candidacy is confirmed, patients can learn more about how Invisalign compares to alternatives in the aspects that matter most to them.


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