How Long Does a Typical Teeth Whitening Last?

Two women hugging and smilingOver the course of years, the teeth can become stained and discolored. This can occur due to foods and drinks with harsh colors, such as berries and energy drinks, as well as age and physical damage. In many cases, teeth whitening treatment can eliminate these stains and brighten the enamel. Many patients come in to our office wondering how long typical teeth whitening treatments last.

There are different types of whitening procedures, such as gel, laser, and Zoom. Because of how they work, some treatments last longer than others. They have been known to last for as short as six months and as long as two years.

Patients can ensure that the effect of their treatment lasts for as long as possible with only a few precautions. Brushing the teeth after eating meals can work to remove debris that can change the color of the enamel. Flossing regularly can have the same effect. Mouth wash also has whitening properties, and our cosmetic dentists in Orange County can recommend ones that may work for you. Finally, be sure to visit our expert in teeth whitening in Orange County regularly to ensure dental health.


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