When is a Smile Makeover the Right Option?

Beauty face of the young beautiful woman

Have you suffered with multiple flaws in your smile for too long? Maybe some flaws, such as wear, cracks, and stains have accumulated over time, leaving your once perfect smile lacking. Our cosmetic dentist in West Hollywood wants you to know that there is a way to correct any dental issues within a short period of time.

Smile makeovers are used by a wide variety of patients, including A-list celebrities. The process involves addressing all of the flaws in the teeth, often at the same time. Issues like stains, cracks, crooked teeth, spacing issues, missing teeth, and gummy smiles can be corrected with treatments and procedures such as:

• Orthodontics
• Crowns
• Fillings
• Dental bonding
• Dentures, dental bridges, and implants
• Whitening or bleaching
• Veneers
• Gum contouring or grafting
• And more

A smile makeover may be the right option for you if you have more than one issue with your teeth that needs correction, and you have the time needed to undergo the treatments and procedures necessary. A consultation appointment with our expert will give you a better idea if this option could benefit you.


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