Does Snap On Smile Work for a Single Tooth?

Beautiful surprised woman isolated on white

Snap On Smile is intended for the budget-conscious, those with dental phobias, and anyone else at a disadvantage in the dentist chair. Together with your Los Angeles Snap On Smile doctor, you choose the perfect prosthetic for you based on twenty-three color shades and eighteen smile designs.

Wear your Snap On Smile device over your crooked, discolored, or missing teeth. The device can be made as thin as .5mm and still hold up to bite forces. Best of all, you can wear it anytime you want.

Snap On Smile is a prosthetic, not a pontic. Pontics are replacement teeth used to fill gaps when a dental bridge is installed. But not everyone qualifies for bridges or their more advanced, expensive counterpart, implants. If you have missing teeth, Snap On Smile provides excellent coverage. Those gaps that need orthodontic care do not have to impact your smile or self-esteem.

Many patients choose Snap On Smile just for their upper arch, so they can smile with confidence. However, you can get devices for both upper and lower arches. The dentist uses impressions and bite registrations to ensure the correct fit, whether you have one missing tooth or several.


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