What Crown Lengthening Can Do for Your Smile

Gummy smiles are usually genetic, but can also result from a bad dental history. Teeth that were root canaled are not always salvageable, and teeth that break off at the gumline are often neglected. Heavy smokers and hard drug users are notoriously gummy smilers.

Fortunately, crown lengthening can solve gummy smiles, both cosmetically and periodontally. Also known as a gum lift, crown lengthening is a local-anesthetic procedure that removes gum tissue and occasionally bone from a tooth that needs reconstruction, or several teeth that lack visibility.

Our expert in crown lengthening in Van Nuys performs crown lengthening on qualified candidates with healthy gums and sufficient bone density. As stated above, the strength of this procedure is its dual nature. If you have a cavity that needs a filling or if you need an implant after an extraction, crown lengthening prepares your teeth for a rebuild. If you just have small teeth and you feel self-conscious about them, crown lengthening prepares your teeth for viewing.

Ask your Van Nuys cosmetic dentist for more information about crown lengthening.

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