What are Same Day Crowns?

Family lying on a carpet

Crowns are possibly the most commonly used restoration in dentistry. They are made to specifically look like your tooth that they are being placed over, and cover from the gum line to the top of the cusp. They not only make the tooth look great again, but fortify and protect it from further damage.

In the past, molds and images of an affected tooth would need to be sent out to a lab, where your crown would be made. This would take at least a week, necessitating more than one appointment, resulting in time away from work, school, or social activities. In the meantime, you would have to wear a temporary crown, which is much less stable and can be uncomfortable at times.

Why wait to get something as simple as a dental crown? Our dentists in Orange County are proud to now offer their patients same day crowns. These restorations are made right in our office and can be placed in just one appointment.

Same day crowns are made using new milling technology. Just as before, impressions and pictures are taken of the affected tooth. This information is then sent to our CAD/CAM machine, which can create your restoration from the material chosen in less than an hour. Our same day crowns dentist in Orange County can then place it on the tooth, allowing you to return back to your normal schedule right away.


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