Steps in Root Canal Treatment


The life of a tooth is found in the root canal. In it, connective nerves curate the growth of the tooth early in its development. When something goes wrong inside the tooth due to inflammation or infection, that life material, called pulp, can turn quickly into death material. It needs to be extricated entirely or you could risk losing the tooth altogether. Root canal therapy safely removes all infection from the tooth, and carefully replaces it with another substance.

Our expert in root canal in North Hollywood begins the procedure with an anesthetic that numbs the area. They access the root canal by drilling a tiny hole either in the biting surface of a back tooth, or through the back of a front tooth. The dentist then cleans the tooth and its root canals. This involves threading a highly complex tangle of nerves and ligaments, and you could end up with a lot of soreness if the doctor accidentally nicks something. To minimize risk and guide their efforts, our well-trained North Hollywood dentists rely on digital, ultrasonic, and microscopic technology.

After all root canals are cleaned and filled, the dentist will set you up with aftercare instructions and a referral for a restoration—a crown that will fully seal the top of the tooth. Your tooth should be back to full functionality within a week or two.


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