When a Tooth Extraction is Necessary


Our teeth are meant to last us our whole lives, but sometimes issues occur that requires the removal of a tooth. Our Houston dentists will always recommend keeping your tooth and restoring it over any other option, but if it is unhealthy beyond proper and/or full repair, it is better if it is extracted.

Tooth extraction is necessary if a tooth has suffered physical damage that has affected its inner layer, where the pulp (nerves, tissue, and blood vessels) resides. It is also necessary if it has become infected and a root canal treatment has not been successful. Furthermore, a tooth can suffer so much decay that it is no longer strong enough, on its own or with a restoration.

Dental extraction is a fairly simple process. Our expert in tooth extraction in Houston will use a tool to clamp the tooth, and move it from slide to side. This loosens it from its ligaments gradually until it can be removed. Teeth that are difficult to extract may need to come out in pieces. Several restorations may be available to replace the tooth, including partial dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants.

If you have a tooth that is not healthy enough to function properly, it may need to be extracted. Contact our office today.


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