Effectiveness of Zoom Whitening

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There is a clear hierarchy in teeth whitening, beginning with mouthwash and gel pens and continuing through chairside service. Mouthwash and gel pens have little to no effectiveness. For the full whitening benefit—up to eight shades of increased whiteness—you should consider Zoom whitening services at your Los Angeles cosmetic dentist.

Zoom uses a 25 percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide. After securing the mouth—making sure the lips and gums are covered—the dentist or dental hygienist covers your teeth in the peroxide gel. This is allowed to sit for 15 minutes, during which time the gel aerates the teeth and begins the process of breaking up both extrinsic and intrinsic stains. The dentist completes the process by curing the gel with a chairside light.

Most patients undergo three of these cycles, or sessions, per appointment, meaning the entire thing takes 45 minutes.

Your teeth should dazzle when you’re done. Part of the effectiveness of Zoom is in the take-home part of the appointment. Zoom at-home whitening trays continue to whiten your teeth, as long as you use them as directed by your dentist.

Zoom is the most effective whitening service on the market. To schedule your appointment, contact our expert in Zoom whitening in Los Angeles.

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