Orthodontic Treatments and Their Importance

dental bracesOrthodontics only seems superficial. If you think braces or Invisalign represent smile upgrades exclusively, you should consider all the external factors of having straight teeth. Orthodontics is foundational in dentistry—it looks after all the dentofacial structures and protects them against future breakdown.

First of all, crooked or rotated teeth are hard to clean. Having cleaner teeth reduces your exposure to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. You also are less likely to need crowns or inlays/onlays.

Orthodontics also relates heavily to the jaw and bite. If you have a birth defect like a severe malocclusion, or if your bite was damaged by thumbsucking or tongue thrust, you need an expert in orthodontic treatments in Beverly Hills. A product like Invisalign can straighten teeth but not correct malocclusion, and even braces sometimes need help. Other appliances like occlusal splints or cheek bumpers may be necessary. If you have TMJ symptoms, especially those due to jaw malformation, orthodontics could play an essential part in your treatment.

The younger you identify any orthodontic issues, the better your dental career can be planned. Ask our dentists in Beverly Hills about the right age to start your children on orthodontic treatments.


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