Tooth Decay Treatment


Cavities are a fairly common dental problem that can usually be corrected with a simple filling. However, very large cavities, or those that result in infection, may need more extensive treatment by an endodontic specialist.

Tooth decay can affect just the surface of the tooth, or may go way down into the pulp and root. If this occurs, inflammation and infection may result. This can lead to pain or an abscess. An endodontist in Los Angeles can help to decide on the best course of treatment.

It is important to remove all of the decayed matter and infected material from inside of the tooth. The root may also be removed in a root canal if this is determined to be the best way to save your tooth. Your endodontist may repair or remove part of the root or any damage to the surrounding bone. Once all decay and infection is removed, a filling can be used in order to restore function to your teeth. Be sure to follow all aftercare instructions as provided by your endodontist for best results.

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