What Can Dental Bonding Fix?

Young business woman smiling

A bright smile can open doors and warm relationships. Smiling can make you look and feel younger and more attractive, and it can lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, boost endorphins and make you feel more positive. If you do not like the way your smile looks, you are unlikely to smile as often as you would otherwise. Our smile makeover dentist can help. We offer cosmetic treatments that can improve your smile.

One popular option is bonding. Bonding is a procedure that uses composite resin to make small changes in the appearance of one or more teeth. You might be a candidate for cosmetic bonding if your teeth are healthy with sufficient enamel to support the bonding and if you have minor cosmetic flaws.

Common issues that can be corrected by dental bonding include:

  • Small cavities
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Discolored or stained teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Short or narrow teeth
  • Worn enamel
  • Enamel irregularities
  • Irregularly shaped teeth

The procedure is performed in our office and generally is completed in a single appointment. There is typically no need for anesthesia, and preparation is minimal. With good care, a bonded tooth can last for years. Call our office today to find out more about how dental bonding can transform your smile or to schedule your appointment with our team.


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