Is Snap On Smile Expensive?

Like other restorations, Snap On Smile is priced per arch—upper and lower. Your dollar figure will have regional and other considerations, such as the kind of lab materials your provider uses. Snap On Smile is an exciting product with plenty of benefit. But its relative newness means the price of Snap On Smile is still flexible.

Keep in mind that as a prosthetic with purely cosmetic intentions, Snap On Smile does not actually fix any dental or orthodontic problems you may have. It is worn as camouflage for these effects. However, this means Snap On Smile is on the more affordable end of cosmetic dentistry.

Your provider can cover the cost of Snap On Smile at your initial consult, at which time you and the doctor decide together if Snap On Smile is the right choice for you. Snap On Smile can be tremendously helpful in cases of social anxiety due to an extremely flawed smile. If your teeth are severely rotated or “snaggled”, or you have broken, worn-down, or missing teeth, Snap On Smile fits over them in a manner similar to dentures. As long as you’re comfortable removing your device for regular cleanings and during meals, Snap On Smile is an excellent and affordable option in smile makeover.

Ask your Los Angeles Snap On Smile dentist about financing and payment plans.


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