Are Snap On Smiles Durable?

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If you dream of the perfect smile but cannot imagine financing porcelain veneers, it may be time to consider an alternative to enhance your teeth and boost your confidence. Certain cosmetic procedures can be painful, irreversible and expensive. For many patients, an instant solution is more practical than having to endure several steps of planned procedure. Our expert in Snap-On Smile in Los Angeles is dedicated to giving patients the confidence of a gorgeous smile.

A Snap-On Smile is a removable partial arch made of hi-tech dental resin which fits over your teeth for the appearance of a perfect smile. The consultation for your new Snap-On Smile could not be simpler, as you pick your desired dental shade, have your dentist make an impression of your teeth, and come in for a final fitting approximately three weeks later. One of the major benefits of Snap-On-Smile is you can eat and drink with them in. They are a completely painless solution that can give you several years of perfect teeth. Patients interested in improving the appearance of their teeth without all the hassle are impressed by how easy it is to take care of their Snap-On-Smile. You can contact our Snap-On Smile dentist with any questions you way have about this cosmetic dental solution.


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