What You Can Do about Yellowed Teeth


If your teeth make you want to hide your smile, you should schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist. You can discuss what you see as your perfect smile, and our dentist will map out a plan to get your smile where you want it. Our practice has several options to make your yellowing teeth white again.


Our top three ways to help your yellow teeth are:
Whitening agents
Each of these methods has different strengths and weaknesses. Learning more about each choice and talking with our dentist will help you choose the best way for you to whiten.

The process of bonding is straightforward and relatively painless. You will not need much preparation before the procedure and recovery time is not usually necessary. Many patients appreciate the fact that it takes one day. Bonding involves permanently covering your teeth with a resin compound and using lights or lasers to bake the material to your teeth. After the baking, your teeth will be polished, and any rough edges removed. The average time frame is between 30-60 minutes per tooth. There is no special care needed for bonded teeth; adhere to basic oral hygiene like brushing, flossing and dental checkups.

Dental veneers are useful for bringing back your gleaming smile. The procedure uses thin layers of porcelain to cover your teeth, correcting discoloration. The process is like bonding, but you usually need two dental visits. One for measuring your mouth and planning the size and shape of your veneers before sending the plans to a dental lab where technicians create your veneers. Your second visit is when you get the veneers. Our dentist cements them in place and checks for any problem spots. As with bonding, veneers need proper oral care, but no particular treatments.

While there are many over-the-counter treatments for yellowing teeth, we will discuss the bleaching method from our dental office. For this process, our dentist applies a gel with up to 40 percent hydrogen peroxide on your teeth then used light to increase the whitening effect of the gel. The whitening process usually takes a bit over an hour. With this method, regular touch-ups are needed to keep your smile at its best.

If your teeth trouble you, do not suffer silently. Contact our office to explore your whitening options.


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