What to Do In Case Your Tooth is Broken


Although teeth are generally durable, they can still break under the right circumstances. When this occurs, you can encourage the best possible recovery by taking certain steps. Here is what to do right away and what type of treatment options you might have for a dental emergency in Houston.

What to Do Immediately

As soon as you can, contact our dentist to schedule an emergency appointment. If your tooth has been knocked loose or if a large piece has broken off, put the tooth or piece in your cheek to keep it moist and protected until your visit. Use ice or anti-inflammatory medication to control pain.

Possible Treatment Options

A tiny chip may only require bonding, but more severe breakage is an emergency and will need more treatment. An onlay, crown, or root canal may be recommended to seal and protect the tooth. Some knocked-out teeth can be put back in place. Finally, some severe breakage may make tooth extraction necessary.

Getting the treatment you need without delay is often key in preventing complications from tooth breakage. Fortunately, a full range of treatments is offered at our office to address breakage of any severity. You can contact our dentist for treating a broken tooth in Houston to learn more about addressing these situations.