What are Dental Caps?

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When you think about the word “cap,” an initial thought is something that can be placed over something else. This is essential what a dental crown is, a cap for your tooth or teeth. Thus, if our Northridge dentist has recommended a dental cap for you, then a crown restoration is in your near future.

A crown is used to cover the entire outer portion of a tooth that has been damaged or has suffered serious decay. Teeth that are chipped, cracked or are infected with decay can all be restored with the simple use of a dental crown. For example, when a patient comes in with damage to the nerve or pulp inside of a tooth, a root canal procedure is provided to remove these and clean out any infection. The tooth structure and functionality can still be maintained without these factors in mature teeth, so a dental crown is placed on top to further protect it from damage. In addition, crowns are also commonly paired in the treatment of missing teeth restored by dental implants or bridges.

Not only are crowns used as a restorative treatment for the health of a tooth, but they are also used as a cosmetically appealing method for your smile. Crowns are custom-made to look and function almost exactly as your surrounding teeth. Therefore, making a crown is done through impressions made of your teeth prior to placement. Once impressions have been made, advanced technology is used to carefully craft a prosthetic tooth that matches the shape, color, texture, and size of your natural teeth. Once in place and precise sizing has been approved, the crown is cemented to the weakened tooth. Depending on the overall use of the crown, this can be done in one to three appointments.

For more information on dental caps, or crowns, contact our expert in dental caps in Northridge to schedule an appointment.