How Often a Dental Exam is Necessary

Dental exams are an essential part of any dental health routine. How often you go to the dentist depends on several things. Our Santa Clara dentist can help you decide on how frequently you need to schedule cleanings and checkups.

Some things that can affect your exam schedule include:

1. Your dental history
Do you have a history of good dental health? Or have you had many cavities, root canal treatments, and restorations? This will play a significant role in our recommendations.

2. Your current dental health and habits
If you have good dental hygiene and a generally healthy smile, you may only need to visit us about every six months. Patients who struggle with dental hygiene or who have frequent cavities might need to visit more frequently. Those with active periodontal disease will also need more frequent cleanings and checkups.

3. Your overall health
Diabetes and other systemic health problems can affect your dental health, so frequent dental checkups can monitor your mouth for signs of problems.

4. Your lifestyle habits
Smoking, alcohol abuse, or a poor diet can put your smile at risk and necessitate frequent checkups. An intense workout schedule like those of elite athletes can also affect your smile and require more exams.

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