How Often a Dental Exam is Necessary

Dental exams are an essential part of any dental health routine. How often you go to the dentist depends on several things. Our Santa Clara dentist can help you decide on how frequently you need to schedule cleanings and checkups.

Some things that can affect your exam schedule include:

1. Your dental history
Do you have a history of good dental health? Or have you had many cavities, root canal treatments, and restorations? This will play a significant role in our recommendations.

2. Your current dental health and habits
If you have good dental hygiene and a generally healthy smile, you may only need to visit us about every six months. Patients who struggle with dental hygiene or who have frequent cavities might need to visit more frequently. Those with active periodontal disease will also need more frequent cleanings and checkups.

3. Your overall health
Diabetes and other systemic health problems can affect your dental health, so frequent dental checkups can monitor your mouth for signs of problems.

4. Your lifestyle habits
Smoking, alcohol abuse, or a poor diet can put your smile at risk and necessitate frequent checkups. An intense workout schedule like those of elite athletes can also affect your smile and require more exams.

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Tips for Better Cleaning Your Teeth


Brushing your teeth can become second nature, which may be why so many of us go on autopilot when we brush and floss. This can be a good thing because we are unlikely to forget to brush, but it can also be bad, as we might be brushing mindlessly. Our dentist in Santa Clara offers tips for tweaking your dental hygiene routine, but until your next dental checkup, you can review these tips to make sure you are getting the best results with each brushing session.

1. Get the right tools – You do not need all the bells and whistles or the latest devices, but you do need a brush that feels comfortable and has soft bristles. Electric brushes are usually preferred because they are efficient at removing plaque and tartar. Choose a dental floss that glides easily between your teeth. Choose toothpaste with fluoride in a flavor and texture you prefer. Each product should have the ADA seal on it.

2. Use the right touch – Some people scrub at their teeth in an effort to rid plaque, but this can actually damage your teeth. Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle towards your gums and use a lighter touch to gently brush your teeth in circular movements.

3. Set your timer – Speeding through the routine can leave some parts of your mouth inadequately cleaned. Spend at least two minutes brushing to ensure each quadrant of your mouth and the surfaces of each tooth have been brushed thoroughly. Don’t forget to floss. Finish with an antimicrobial or fluoride mouthwash.

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How Often to Clean the Teeth

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It has been repeated countless times to everyone, even if we do not all follow the recommendation: we should brush our teeth twice a day and get a dental examination every six months. Although dentists like to see their patients twice a year, this recommendation is repeated by virtually every dentist and dental organization across the country. Why the consistency?

Because it is the prudent thing to do. Dental examinations are a critical part of oral health for a wide range of reasons. Not only do they check for existing cavities before they get worse and cause pain, but they will also likely notice cancerous developments in the soft tissue, provide cavity and stain prevention measures like fluoride treatment, and much more.

But getting a professional dental cleaning is just as important as any other reason to make and keep those appointments. This process will not only clean the teeth better than normal brushing, but they are able to remove tartar buildup that has hardened on the teeth and reverse the direction of gingivitis by cleaning under the gum line where brushing cannot reach.

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Importance of Regular Exam and Cleaning by Your Dentist

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The American Dental Association highly recommends biannual dental cleanings and exams. Unfortunately, many people skip or delay these appointments. This is especially common in those with dental phobias or fears. If you are due for your next Dental Exam and Cleaning, but are unsure about scheduling, we can give you some great reasons to not ignore it.

  1. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy
    Bad breath, cavities, pain, gum disease and other problems tend to develop slowly, but can reach advanced stages before you notice symptoms. Regular checkups can catch the early symptoms you may not spot to ensure that you get timely and appropriate treatment.
  1. Preventing future problems
    Your teeth might be healthy now, but some lifestyle and dental habits may be putting your future dental health at risk. During your exam, we will review your risk factors and suggest the steps you can take to avoid any problems.
  1. Removing stains
    While a professional cleaning may not be the same as a teeth whitening treatment, it can be highly effective when it comes to removing superficial stains. We polish your teeth to create a bright, healthy shine that will make you feel more confident right away.

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