Regular Dental Exams Are Important

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It goes without saying that it’s imperative for everyone to visit their dentist regularly. When plaque is left to linger, it can turn into tartar. This may lead to gum disease and as we all know, this is a great indicator of your bill of health. Poor oral hygiene can cause a litany of health issues. It can increase risk of stroke or heart attack. Visiting a dentist’s office can also ensure individuals keep their teeth for many years.

It can even have profound effects on something like pregnancy. Gum infections like periodontitis can cause the body to release chemicals that can reach the womb and cause complications. That’s why regular visits to the West Hollywood cosmetic dentist are so important. There can be underlying issues that people aren’t even aware of. Preventive measures are always better than trying to fight something off.

Being at a perfect bill of health may very well start with the teeth. Make sure you don’t have to go through painful procedures, like root canals or getting fillings. If decay progresses too far there isn’t much anyone can do about it. Make sure to reinforce that impenetrable smile. That way you and the rest of the world can enjoy it for years to come.


How Often a Dental Exam is Necessary

Dental exams are an essential part of any dental health routine. How often you go to the dentist depends on several things. Our Santa Clara dentist can help you decide on how frequently you need to schedule cleanings and checkups.

Some things that can affect your exam schedule include:

1. Your dental history
Do you have a history of good dental health? Or have you had many cavities, root canal treatments, and restorations? This will play a significant role in our recommendations.

2. Your current dental health and habits
If you have good dental hygiene and a generally healthy smile, you may only need to visit us about every six months. Patients who struggle with dental hygiene or who have frequent cavities might need to visit more frequently. Those with active periodontal disease will also need more frequent cleanings and checkups.

3. Your overall health
Diabetes and other systemic health problems can affect your dental health, so frequent dental checkups can monitor your mouth for signs of problems.

4. Your lifestyle habits
Smoking, alcohol abuse, or a poor diet can put your smile at risk and necessitate frequent checkups. An intense workout schedule like those of elite athletes can also affect your smile and require more exams.

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What You Should Expect during a Dental Exam


Even the most basic dental exam can be a cause for stress for some patients. It may be helpful to know or to be reminded of what typically occurs during a dental exam. The following is a list of what you can expect your dentists to do when you go in for a visit:

  • Evaluate your overall health and hygiene
  • Evaluate any need for restoration and/or repair
  • Remove any stains or deposits on the surfaces of your teeth
  • Assess the need for fluoride
  • Evaluate risk of tooth decay, bone disease, and gum diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontal disease
  • Check for any jaw or bite problems
  • Demonstrate proper cleaning techniques

An expert in dental exam in Los Angeles will also likely perform an x-ray, in order to get a better look at your all of teeth. There are several ways they can get this x-ray. A bitewing is a cardboard-like device that you bite down on, allowing the dentist to get a good view of the crowns on your upper and lower teeth. A periapical x-ray allows for a good image of an entire tooth, including the surrounding bone. Other types of x-rays include occlusal, panoramic, and cone beam tomography.

How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

Regular dental visits are an important part of any good dental health strategy. Just a few decades ago, people rarely visited the dentist unless they had a noticeable dental health problem. This led to many people losing teeth because the dental disease would be too advanced to treat. Today, the ADA has set standards for preventive dentistry that can help save smiles.

Visiting the dentist twice a year is a good general guideline for most people. Every six months, you can get a checkup and professional cleaning to help prevent dental disease. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for anyone. In fact, you may need more or less frequent appointments based on your personal risk factors for dental disease.

High-risk groups that may need checkups more frequently than every six months include:

• Smokers
• Diabetics
• Pregnant women
• Those with weakened immune systems or systemic conditions
• Patients with active gum disease
• Those who are vulnerable to plaque and tartar buildup
• Patients who tend to get cavities frequently
• Patients who have poor dental hygiene or other lifestyle factors that increase their risk of dental problems

Your personal needs can change over the course of your life. Call us today to schedule your next dental checkup with our dentists in Westlake Village.

Importance of Regular Exam and Cleaning by Your Dentist

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The American Dental Association highly recommends biannual dental cleanings and exams. Unfortunately, many people skip or delay these appointments. This is especially common in those with dental phobias or fears. If you are due for your next Dental Exam and Cleaning, but are unsure about scheduling, we can give you some great reasons to not ignore it.

  1. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy
    Bad breath, cavities, pain, gum disease and other problems tend to develop slowly, but can reach advanced stages before you notice symptoms. Regular checkups can catch the early symptoms you may not spot to ensure that you get timely and appropriate treatment.
  1. Preventing future problems
    Your teeth might be healthy now, but some lifestyle and dental habits may be putting your future dental health at risk. During your exam, we will review your risk factors and suggest the steps you can take to avoid any problems.
  1. Removing stains
    While a professional cleaning may not be the same as a teeth whitening treatment, it can be highly effective when it comes to removing superficial stains. We polish your teeth to create a bright, healthy shine that will make you feel more confident right away.

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How Often Do I Need a Dental Exam?

How Often Do I Need a Dental Exam?Seeing your dentist for a dental examination twice a year should hopefully not be too much of a hassle for you. Some people do not really see the point, and if they do not think anything is wrong with their teeth, they do not see a point in going. But even if you do not notice anything wrong with your oral health, it is important to maintain regular visits to our expert in dental exam in Beverly Hills so that we can comprehensively evaluate your teeth and gums.

The dentist uses these examinations to examine your oral structures and determine if anything is wrong. This is very helpful in determining if a patient has any underlying cases of tooth decay or gum disease before they get more painful. Certain problems may not readily show themselves at first. Your gum tissue could be infected, and you may not even realize it at first. But our dentist can find these problems and give you the proper treatment before you require more extensive measures.

It is entirely possible that you will undergo a dental exam and absolutely nothing will be wrong. In this case, you will be given peace of mind that you are taking care of your teeth and gums adequately and that you should continue practicing your daily oral hygiene routine.