Advantages of Choosing a Multi-Specialty Dental Office

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While all dental offices can provide you with the basics of oral care, it is important to know that not all dentists are created equal. There are actually a number of specialties that dentists can pursue after finishing standard dental schooling. This includes dentists specializing in gum health and treatment, the movement and support structures of teeth, the preservation of natural teeth and oral surgery, sleep medicine and more.

Our multi-specialty dental office in Glendale provides a number of advantages over traditional practices, including:

• Convenience: With only one dental office, you can get your teeth cleaned and your braces checked in the same appointment without having to worry about shuffling between different providers.

• One set of dental records: This gives all of your oral care providers the same information, preventing you from wasting time filling out duplicate paperwork or getting unnecessary x-rays.

• Cross-support: While sitting at a chair with one dentist, another can be called in with a different specialty to give their opinion about a particular issue.

• Higher quality treatment: Multi-specialty offices allow the pooling of resources so that the office is more easily able to invest in newer and better treatment options as they become available.

When looking for a dentist in Glendale, consider a multi-specialty practice to get the best possible dental care.