Regular Dental Exams Are Important

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It goes without saying that it’s imperative for everyone to visit their dentist regularly. When plaque is left to linger, it can turn into tartar. This may lead to gum disease and as we all know, this is a great indicator of your bill of health. Poor oral hygiene can cause a litany of health issues. It can increase risk of stroke or heart attack. Visiting a dentist’s office can also ensure individuals keep their teeth for many years.

It can even have profound effects on something like pregnancy. Gum infections like periodontitis can cause the body to release chemicals that can reach the womb and cause complications. That’s why regular visits to the West Hollywood cosmetic dentist are so important. There can be underlying issues that people aren’t even aware of. Preventive measures are always better than trying to fight something off.

Being at a perfect bill of health may very well start with the teeth. Make sure you don’t have to go through painful procedures, like root canals or getting fillings. If decay progresses too far there isn’t much anyone can do about it. Make sure to reinforce that impenetrable smile. That way you and the rest of the world can enjoy it for years to come.


Treating a Tooth Infection


An infected tooth can be a potentially serious dental problem that most commonly occurs when decay reaches the inner soft parts of the tooth. When the infection reaches the nerve of the tooth, the tooth can become extremely painful. You might develop an abscess, which is a collection of pus inside the tooth and gums. Left untreated, an abscessed or infected tooth can lead to systemic infection. Timely treatment is essential. If you suspect that you have an infection, our San Francisco dentist can help.

The pain of a tooth infection can be severe enough to wake you up at night and is not likely to go unnoticed. It might even require an emergency dental appointment. Our dentist will examine the tooth to find the best treatment options. You might need a root canal. A root canal treatment is often used to treat infected teeth. The infected material is removed from the inner chambers of the tooth, or the root canals, and the tooth is sealed. The tooth is restored using a porcelain crown.

Rarely, an infected tooth cannot be saved, and we will need to perform an extraction. If this is necessary, our dentist will explain your restoration options, which might include a dental implant, a dental bridge or denture. Because a dental infection can have severe consequences on your dental and overall health, prompt treatment is essential. Call today to schedule your appointment.

What Does a General Dentist Do?

When you go to an appointment to have a basic dental check-up, you are most likely being seen by a general dentist. Most dentists are general dentists, or able to perform general dentistry tasks. The following is more information about what a general dentist does on a daily basis.

Possibly the most common task general dentists perform are dental cleanings. This qualifies as both preventative dentistry, as it can prevent serious issues from occurring, and cosmetic dentistry, as cleaning the teeth tends to make them shine.

Crowns are used to restore teeth that have been damaged structurally. They can also cover aesthetically displeasing teeth, making the smile look more uniform as a whole. Our general dentist in Los Angeles can discuss with you your options for material used for crowns. Porcelain is commonly used.

Some general dentists perform oral surgeries, such as gum grafting and root canal treatments. Oral and dental surgeries can treat issues such as gum disease, tooth infection, and cancer. Many are also qualified to oversee orthodontic treatment, to straighten the teeth and align the bite.

Seeing a general dentist can be an efficient choice for your oral and dental care, as they are usually able to perform a wide range of treatments and procedures.

What Can Cause Bumps on Tongue?

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Bumps on your tongue can be uncomfortable or painful. Most of the time, these bumps are not a sign of a more serious problem, but they can be bothersome. Finding out what is causing those bumps on tongue is necessary to achieve relief. Our dentists can help.

At your appointment, our dentist will examine your tongue and oral cavity for sores, swelling, changes in color, abnormal texture, and other symptoms. He will ask about changes in taste or pain and about how long you have had your symptoms. He may also check for any other oral issues.

Common causes of tongue bumps include canker sores, oral thrush, allergic reactions, mouth injuries, or enlarged papillae. The treatments for these issues can vary. Canker sores respond well to laser treatments while thrush will generally need to be treated with an antifungal treatment. Less commonly, bumps can be associated with HPV infections or syphilis. In rare cases, they can be symptomatic of oral cancer. Early diagnosis of oral cancer is associated with more treatment options and more positive outcomes.

Calificaciones de un buen dentista

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Encontrar el dentista puede parecer un gran trabajo. Pero, de hecho, puede que no sea tan difícil como parece. Un buen dentista puede ser sólo unos pocos clics de distancia gracias a Internet. Usted puede hacer rápida y fácilmente su investigación una vez que entienda los requisitos de un buen dentista, lea acerca de la experiencia de otros y encontrar el sistema más adecuado para sus necesidades.

1. Credenciales
Esto puede ser uno de los requisitos más importantes. Su dentista debe haber sido educado por una escuela dental acreditado y debe ser comprometido a mantenerse al tanto de las últimas técnicas y procedimientos a través de la educación continua. Él o ella puede ser un miembro de varias organizaciones dentales, tales como la Asociación Dental Americana.

2. El conjunto de habilidades adecuadas
Un dentista general es como un médico de atención primaria para su sonrisa. Él o ella será capaz de proporcionar el tratamiento dental básica que incluye atención preventiva, atención de restauración, tratamientos de conductos, y otros procedimientos. Muchos dentistas generales también ofrecen tratamientos cosméticos y otros similares, también. Si necesita atención especializada, es posible elegir una práctica multi-especialidad que hace que sea más fácil conseguir la atención que necesita en un solo lugar.

3. Flexibilidad
Las horas de oficina, opciones de pago, opciones de seguros, y la conveniencia de programación pueden parecer pequeños detalles, pero todas estas cosas pueden hacer una gran diferencia cuando se trata de encontrar su nuevo hogar dental. También desea un dentista que es amable, compasivo, y entiende sus necesidades individuales de tratamiento. Haga preguntas a su consulta o en la búsqueda de un nuevo dentista para que sepa usted está encontrando un dentista que satisfaga sus necesidades con mayor eficacia.

Llámenos hoy para obtener más información o para programar su cita con nuestro dentista en San Fernando Valley.

Encontrar Asequible Tratamiento Dental

En la economía actual, muchas personas están tratando de hacer sus dólares de salud van más lejos. Esto lleva a saltarse o retrasar la atención dental para algunos, pero su salud dental es mucho más que la apariencia de su sonrisa. La mala salud dental está fuertemente asociado con la mala salud general. Nuestro dentista barato en Van Nuys puede ayudar a obtener la atención asequible que necesita para mantener su sonrisa y su cuerpo en la pista.

Encontrar atención asequible puede ser mucho más fácil de lo que imaginaba. Nuestro equipo está comprometido a asegurar que nuestros pacientes tengan acceso a la atención dental necesaria. Entendemos que las finanzas juegan un papel en sus decisiones de tratamiento, y vamos a trabajar con usted para mantener el presupuesto de usar su cuidado. Opciones de pago flexibles y financiamiento asequible dos opciones. A menudo ofrecemos promociones especiales que pueden reducir drásticamente sus costos. Nuevas promociones de pacientes pueden incluir exámenes de menor costo y consultas mientras que los pacientes existentes pueden elegir entre servicios y tratamientos con descuentos.

Nuestro equipo está activo en la comunidad de voluntarios y se ha comprometido a nuestros pacientes. Creemos que todo el mundo debería tener la oportunidad de disfrutar de una sonrisa saludable. Llámenos hoy mismo para obtener más información o para programar una cita con nuestro equipo.

How Often Should You Brush Your Teeth

How Often Should You Brush Your TeethThe American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth at least twice a day although some dentists suggest brushing three times a day. You should brush for at least two minutes, and although that sounds like a long time, you can make it more manageable by dividing your mouth into four sections and brushing each area for 30 seconds each.

However, make sure to not overdo it. Brushing more often or for a longer period of time can result in weakened enamel. And you do not need to brush aggressively. It does not take a lot of force to remove bacteria.

Your diet will also affect when you brush your teeth. Acidic foods can break down your enamel immediately after consumption, so you do not want to brush immediately after a meal if it was high in acidic content. Brush your teeth at least an hour after eating a meal. Or if you know you are going to eat something acidic beforehand, brush your teeth prior to the meal.

In addition to brushing, make sure to floss your teeth every day. This will remove bacteria that cannot be reached with a toothbrush. And replace your toothbrush once every three to four months or after you have been sick.

If you have any concerns regarding your dental health, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists.