Why Does My Tooth Hurt?


Many people think that pain in the teeth is a normal occurrence, but this is actually considered a dental emergency. A tooth can hurt in a few different ways – the feeling may be sharp or dull and throbbing. The reasons behind the pain can also vary.

A very common reason behind pain in a tooth is an infection. This occurs when plaque and tartar are allowed to build up, resulting in deep decay. Infections don’t simply go away, which is why you should see our dental emergency dentist right away, before the situation gets worse. We can perform a root canal treatment in order to remove all of the inflamed tissue and restore the tooth.

Your teeth may also hurt due to enamel loss. This can be caused by consuming a lot of acidic foods and drinks, which will erode this protective layer. We can correct this issue with a fluoride treatment, which stimulates remineralization. Avoiding certain foods can help keep your teeth safe.

A loose or knocked-out restoration, such as a filling or crown, can also cause pain. Our dentist can replace these restorations so the tooth remains safe and pain is eliminated. If you are experiencing tooth pain, be sure to contact our office right away.


Dental Emergencies Involving Dental Fillings


Dental fillings are one of the most common dental restorations. They are typically used to restore small cavities or damaged areas. As long as a dental filling is intact, it will help keep the restored tooth strong and healthy, but if the filling becomes damaged or lost, it can lead to a dental emergency.

Our expert in emergency dentistry in Los Angeles can help with:

  1. Cracked fillings

Fillings can become cracked much like teeth can. When a filling is cracked, bacteria and debris can reach the tooth beneath the filling, which can lead to decay and infection. The filling must be replaced in order to prevent dental disease.


  1. Leaking filling

Aging fillings or fillings that have decay near the borders of the restoration can leak. The leaking can expose the tooth beneath the filling to bacteria, infection, and dental disease. The filling must be replaced as soon as possible.


  1. Lost filling

Aging or damaged fillings can become lost. A lost filling can cause pain in the exposed tooth, as well as increase the risk of decay. It must be replaced as soon as possible.


Call our expert in emergency dental fillings in LA today to schedule your emergency appointment.

Common Dentures Problems and Solutions

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Although they are the most popular way to replace all the teeth in a jaw, dentures are not necessarily trouble-free. Denture problems can make it hard for you to eat or speak, and they can affect your quality of life. Learning more about the solutions to common denture problems can keep you smiling and eating comfortably with your chosen restoration. Our Los Angeles emergency dentistry expert can help.

1. Gum or mouth irritation
Sores can occur on your gums or lips as a result of dentures rubbing against the sensitive tissues. Your dentures might need to be relined or adjusted to maintain comfort.

2. Speech problems or excessive salivation
These are most likely to occur shortly after you get your dentures. Once you get used to your dentures, both problems should subside.

3. Dentures that shift
When teeth are lost, the gums and bone tissue can change. Over time, this can lead to ill-fitting dentures. Having your dentures relined or adjusted should resolve this problem.

4. Oral infections
Oral thrush and other infections can occur with ill-fitting or improperly cleaned dentures. Medication should resolve the infection, but you will need to address the underlying cause to reduce the risk of recurrence.

5. Bad breath
Oral bacteria are usually to blame for bad breath. Good dental hygiene and proper dental care should eliminate this common denture problem.

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Do I Need Emergency Dental Surgery?

Terrible tooth ache.

Certain dental emergencies, or dental situations that have escalated quickly, can require emergency dental surgery. With only a quick assessment, a Los Angeles dental emergency doctor can decide if immediate dental surgery will be required. There are several situations in which this might be the case, but fortunately, our dentist can perform several procedures to get your damaged tooth back on track.

Dental implants: implants are used to replace missing teeth, or teeth that are too damaged or decayed to remain in place. This process is normally a long one, often spanning several months, but in some cases, a same day dental implant can be placed in one visit.

Cosmetic surgeries: An immediate surgery may be needed to quickly restore the look of your smile. These include the placement of Veneers, crowns, and fillings. Cosmetic surgeries often have oral health purposes, as well, as untreated damage can lead to damage to other teeth.

Toothaches: Pain in a tooth, whether consistent or not is considered a dental emergency. Procedures such as removal or root canal can eliminate the pain as soon as possible.

Be sure to have the correct information for dental services in case you require a Los Angeles emergency dental surgeon.

Can a Broken Tooth be Fixed?

Beautiful surprised woman isolated on whiteA broken tooth can seem like a complicated matter. Teeth are very strong, and the idea that one of yours is broken can make you feel uncomfortable, not to mention the fact that it can cause serious pain. Fortunately, an expert in emergency dentistry in Los Angeles can perform one of several different procedures to fix your tooth, and get your smile back to perfect.

Different ways to fix a broken tooth:

• Dental bonding can repair broken, chipped, and cracked teeth. It requires roughing up the surface before applying a conditioning liquid, which your dentist will mold, shape, and smooth to replace the part of the tooth that is missing. The liquid is then hardened using a special light.
• Veneers are more of a cosmetic restoration. Veneers are thin, porcelain layers that will cover a tooth that has sustained damage, including breaks.
• Crowns are very commonly used in dentistry and are used to cover and protect damaged teeth. It requires the dentist to file away the top layer of the tooth in order to make room for placement. Crowns and caps are often used in other procedures as well, such as root canals and implants.

If you are suffering from a broken tooth, it is important to not wait before contacting an expert in treatment of broken tooth in Los Angeles to prevent further damage and unnecessary pain.

Is Toothache a Dental Emergency?

Terrible tooth ache.

Toothaches let themselves be known in a variety of different ways, but unfortunately, all involve pain. Because there’s no way for us to know what is causing a toothache, we should always treat them as dental emergencies. Sometimes even the littlest bit of pain can be a sign of a serious problem that needs to be treated right away by a toothache dentist in Los Angeles.

Most patients describe their toothache pain in one of a few ways. These types of pain can be symptoms of very specific underlying problems.

• Sharp pain can be the result of decay in the enamel. This occurs because cavities have damaged the protective layers surrounding the pulp of your tooth, where nerves and blood vessels lie. This pain typically occurs when eating, as the pressure effects the damaged nerves in the pulp.

• Throbbing pain may mean inflamed and/or infected nerve endings. This is normally cured with a root canal filling.

• Bouts of pain are usually a sign that an infection in your tooth has become aggressive. You may think that because the pain goes away at times the problem has subsided and cured itself, but in fact the opposite is true.

• Extreme pain means you should have already made plans to visit an emergency dentist in LA. Treatment can involve root canal fillings, extractions, and antibiotics.

Contact our office to consult with our dentist about other possible cases of toothache.

Wisdom Teeth and the Troubles They Cause

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Wisdom teeth are the upper and lower third molars found at the very back of your mouth. They are the very last teeth at each end of your jaw, but aren’t necessarily ever seen. This is because wisdom teeth don’t grow in until between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one. Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of problems, and even if they don’t are usually removed fairly early on from an emergency wisdom tooth removal dentist in Los Angeles, once they start emerging or should start emerging.

Problems wisdom teeth can cause include:

• Only breaking through the gums half way, which can cause the gum to grow over them. This can lead to an infection.
• Growing in crooked or backwards, effecting other teeth
• Impaction in the jaw
• Lack of hygiene, due to not enough space to allow for cleaning
• Cysts, which damage your jawbone and/or roots

Symptoms to look out for are:

• Pain or stiffness in jaw
• Irritation
• Swelling in gums
• Teeth crowding
• Tooth decay
• Gum disease

If you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms above, you should contact emergency dentists in Los Angeles. These problems usually affect those between the ages of fifteen and twenty five who have not yet gotten their wisdom teeth removed.