What Does Endodontic Therapy Involve?

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Endodontic therapy can imply several different dental procedures, but the term usually refers to root canal therapy. The root canal is the chamber inside the tooth that contains the pulp of the tooth. The pulp includes soft tissues such as the nerve, blood vessels and connective tissues. If the pulp is damaged or becomes infected, the infection can spread beyond the tooth, and even into the bone. This can cause extreme pain and swelling. Removing the diseased pulp can prevent this suffering, and also preserve your tooth. Our expert in endodontics in Los Angeles can help you decide if a root canal is right for you.

During endodontic treatment, we will numb the tooth and nearby tissues. Once the area is completely numb, we will access the inner chamber of the tooth to remove the diseased tissue. First, the root canal will be thoroughly cleaned, and then it will be shaped. If the infection was severe, a medicated material will be placed in the tooth, and you will be sent home to heal. In this case, the restoration will be performed at a later appointment. At the end of the procedure, the tooth will be sealed to prevent further infection, and the restoration will be complete. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in endodontic therapy in Los Angeles.