Advantages of Choosing a Multi-Specialty Dental Office

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While all dental offices can provide you with the basics of oral care, it is important to know that not all dentists are created equal. There are actually a number of specialties that dentists can pursue after finishing standard dental schooling. This includes dentists specializing in gum health and treatment, the movement and support structures of teeth, the preservation of natural teeth and oral surgery, sleep medicine and more.

Our multi-specialty dental office in Glendale provides a number of advantages over traditional practices, including:

• Convenience: With only one dental office, you can get your teeth cleaned and your braces checked in the same appointment without having to worry about shuffling between different providers.

• One set of dental records: This gives all of your oral care providers the same information, preventing you from wasting time filling out duplicate paperwork or getting unnecessary x-rays.

• Cross-support: While sitting at a chair with one dentist, another can be called in with a different specialty to give their opinion about a particular issue.

• Higher quality treatment: Multi-specialty offices allow the pooling of resources so that the office is more easily able to invest in newer and better treatment options as they become available.

When looking for a dentist in Glendale, consider a multi-specialty practice to get the best possible dental care.


How Often to Clean the Teeth

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It has been repeated countless times to everyone, even if we do not all follow the recommendation: we should brush our teeth twice a day and get a dental examination every six months. Although dentists like to see their patients twice a year, this recommendation is repeated by virtually every dentist and dental organization across the country. Why the consistency?

Because it is the prudent thing to do. Dental examinations are a critical part of oral health for a wide range of reasons. Not only do they check for existing cavities before they get worse and cause pain, but they will also likely notice cancerous developments in the soft tissue, provide cavity and stain prevention measures like fluoride treatment, and much more.

But getting a professional dental cleaning is just as important as any other reason to make and keep those appointments. This process will not only clean the teeth better than normal brushing, but they are able to remove tartar buildup that has hardened on the teeth and reverse the direction of gingivitis by cleaning under the gum line where brushing cannot reach.

Talk to our expert in dental cleaning in Glendale to schedule your appointment today.

About Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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The most common type of sleep apnea is called obstructive sleep apnea. This is caused when the throat muscles relax to the point where the walls of the airway block the air coming in and out of your lungs either partially or completely. While this is naturally corrected by your body waking you up, it is nevertheless a very serious condition that can have widespread implications for your health and productivity.

Obstructive sleep apnea can cause you to emerge from deep sleep from five to thirty times per hour. Although it is not entirely clear why we need to sleep and what happens to our bodies during it, it is abundantly clear that a full night of restful sleep is absolutely necessary. Moreover, the body goes through very distinct stages of sleep that all seem to serve different purposes. When we are aroused from sleep continually while going through these stages, we are unable to get the proper rest that our bodies desperately need. This lack of restful sleep can have widespread and concerning side effects on our health, mood, and productivity.

There are numerous ways to assist in addressing sleep apnea, including sleeping on your side rather than your back, using a mouth guard to keep your mouth and tongue in better positions, and changes to lifestyle, including the avoidance of alcohol before bed and weight loss. You should talk to our sleep apnea dentist in Glendale to learn more about ways to deal with this condition.