Gum Surgery for Cosmetic Improvements

When most people think of what an attractive smile consists of, they may think of white, evenly spaced teeth that are free from damage and stains. Few people give much thought about the gums, but the gums are what frame the teeth. Gums that are overgrown or too prominently displayed can detract rather than add to their smile. Our Los Angeles periodontist offers gummy smile surgery for cosmetic improvements.

There is no single gummy smile surgery. In fact, several different options are available for those suffering from a gummy smile. We will examine your teeth, gums and bone structure to determine the cause and extent of the problem before making any recommendations. You may be a candidate for gum contouring, crown lengthening, lip lowering surgery or jaw surgery. Some patients may need to undergo more than one surgery.

The benefits of gummy smile surgery include more than just a confident smile, but a healthier smile in many cases, also. The excess gum tissue can ultimately make it harder for you to clean your teeth. When it is removed and properly contoured, you can brush and floss more effectively. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your initial consultation with our expert in cosmetic gum surgery in Los Angeles.