What Does a Gummy Smile Look Like?

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A gummy smile is a smile with an imbalanced tooth-to-gum ratio. You may look like you have abnormally short teeth or too much gum tissue. Your lip may pull up and away from your teeth and gums when you smile, also. This can lead to an appearance of excess gum tissue.

I have a gummy smile.

Is your gummy smile is affecting your self-confidence? Do you find yourself hiding your smile? Do you avoid talking or smiling in public? Do you put your hand in front of your face while laughing or choose to smile with your lips closed? Having a gummy smile should not hold you back. Treatment options are available for you.

The problem is not just that you have extra gum tissue, but that the proportions of your smile are imbalanced. We will examine your teeth and gums to determine the extent of the gum tissue, the size and shape of your teeth, the position of the jaw and teeth related to the skull, and the way your upper lip moves. Sometimes just one factor creates the look of a gummy smile, but sometimes multiple issues are involved. The treatment plan we design for you will address your specific needs for a comprehensive solution and for overall satisfying results. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in periodontics in Los Angeles.