Process of Kor Whitening

Three young people smilingOur teeth start out bright, white, and ready to be shown off. But over time, they can become yellowed and darkened due to the foods we eat and other staining habits, such as smoking. This can make not only the smile, but the person look unhealthy overall. Fortunately, there are several types of teeth whitening treatments available to eliminate extrinsic stains and brighten the smile.

Our dentist in Agoura Hills uses Kor whitening, a deep cleaning procedure considered one of the best available today. It involves a special tray that keeps the saliva in the mouth contained in order to prevent the dilution of the teeth whitening material. This allows the material to work for about six hours, as opposed to the normal thirty to forty-five minutes, meaning it has longer to work and therefore the ability to remove more stains. Our dentist ensures that the at-home trays are custom made to fit around your teeth and avoid the gums, preventing sensitivity and abrasion. This is followed by the in-office portion, which is able to eliminate the harder to access stains.

After treatment, our dentist will inform you of the best ways to keep your smile bright and stain-free. This will involve proper brushing, flossing, and recommended mouth wash. Be sure to return to our dentist at least every six months to ensure the teeth stay white and healthy.