Use of Laser for Dental Treatments


The field of dentistry is one that is constantly evolving, developing new tools and technology to simplify procedures and create more pleasant experiences for patients. One of these new developments is using lasers in many different areas of dentistry.

Lasers work by transferring energy in the form of light. In medical procedures, lasers are usually used as instruments to cut or vaporize tissue, but they are used in several different ways in a variety of dental procedures. Our expert in laser dentistry in Los Angeles can use this tool to:


  • Eliminate tooth decay and prepare enamel for a filling
  • Activate the peroxide bleaching solution used in whitening treatments
  • Reshape gums effected by gum disease
  • Eliminate bacteria during root canal therapy
  • Remove tissues from the mouth, such as lesions, canker sores, or biopsy samples


There are many advantages of using lasers in dentistry. The main benefit is that they can reduce the risk of pain, reducing the use of anesthesia. It is also a useful alternative for those who become uncomfortable or scared at the idea of a dental drill. They also minimize bleeding and swelling during soft tissue treatments, and preserve the healthy areas of a tooth during cavity removal.

To find out if lasers can be used during your next dental procedure, talk to our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles.


What Laser Dentistry Can Do

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Lasers are among the latest instruments to be used in dentistry. Amazingly precise and fast acting, lasers offer several benefits to patients. Here is a look at some of the ways in which laser dentistry shines.


Makes Treatment Easier for Patients

When lasers are used, treatment is faster and more comfortable. Bleeding is dramatically reduced by lasers, which essentially cauterize incisions as they work. This is ideal, for example, in gum reshaping and tissue biopsy procedures. After laser treatments, recovery also occurs more quickly.


Offers Antibacterial Effects

Lasers can kill bacteria on contact, creating a valuable tool in certain treatments. This makes lasers a worthwhile addition to gum disease treatments, in which our dentist works to eliminate bacteria from the periodontal pockets and tooth roots. Before placing fillings, our dentist can use lasers to better rid decayed areas of bacteria.


Boosts Teeth Whitening Results

Our San Francisco dentist can use lasers to give patients a faster, more comfortable teeth whitening experience. After putting peroxide gel on the teeth, our dentist applies the laser to the enamel in order to activate the bleaching effects.

Lasers are a major addition to restorative and cosmetic dental care. At CitiDent, patients can receive a full range of innovative laser treatments. Patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Ben Amini, our expert in laser dentistry in San Francisco, to find out more about our laser dentistry options.