In-Office Vs. At-Home Teeth Whitening

Two women hugging and smilingTeeth whitening is possibly the most popular dental treatment, as well as one of the safest. It is used for patients who have sustained extrinsic dental stains due to highly-pigmented foods and drinks, such as berries and coffee, and bad lifestyle habits, like smoking or chewing tobacco. Patients often have a choice between at-home and in-office treatment.

Our cosmetic dentist in Orange County can supply you with a whitening kit that you can take home to use on your own. This kit will include a liquid or gel, as well as a mouth tray. You will put the whitening material into the tray, which fits perfectly around the top or bottom arch. This will need to be kept in place for the instructed amount of time. The process will need to be repeated once a day for a few days to a week.

Teeth whitening in our office is completed during just one appointment. Our teeth whitening dentist in Orange County will apply the peroxide-based liquid onto each tooth, careful to avoid the lips, gums, and other soft tissues of the mouth in order to prevent irritation. This process can result in a smile up to eight shades brighter. Patients can ensure their results last by avoiding staining substances and attending regular professional cleanings.


About Porcelain Veneers

For some, correcting every cosmetic flaw in their smile would be a big undertaking. It could require multiple treatments and procedures, which would likely be both time consuming and costly. Modern cosmetic dentistry offers a solution with porcelain dental veneers.

Porcelain veneers are thin coverings that are bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth. They are custom made for each patient to accommodate their aesthetic needs. They can effectively cover:

  • Stains and discolorations
  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Small or misshapen teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • And more

Our Orange County dentist uses porcelain in many different cosmetic and restorative cases, veneers included. Porcelain is strong and durable enough to sustain chewing forces daily. It also naturally reflects light in the same way dental enamel does, meaning veneers provide a realistic look for every patient.

Dental veneers can be placed in just two appointments. A thin layer of dental enamel must be removed from the teeth in order for them to fit properly. Patients have the choice of addressing all of the visible teeth, or only the ones with visible cosmetic flaws. Each veneer is custom made, so our dentist will work with you to ensure you get the new smile you want.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implantPatients who have had a tooth extracted or knocked-out have a few options available regarding replacement. Many patients choose dentures or dental bridges, which each have their benefits and may be best for the patient. Dental implants, however, are recommended most often for patients with otherwise good dental and oral health.

Dental implants offer many benefits to patients. They are beneficial in large part due to the fact that they become ingrained in the jaw. Our Orange County dentist inserts a post made of titanium into the jaw bone. This material is able to fuse with the bone tissue without causing infection or complications. This means the implant is much more stable than other tooth replacement options. This gives the patient the benefits of both stability and comfort.

Another very important benefit of dental implants regards the negative effects that occur during tooth loss. These negative effects include the movement of the adjacent teeth, which can necessitate orthodontic work, and jaw bone loss, which can affect facial structure. Dental implants not only stop these issues from occurring, but reverse them, as well.

For more information about the dental implant benefits, talk to our dental implant dentist in Orange County today.

What are Same Day Crowns?

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Crowns are possibly the most commonly used restoration in dentistry. They are made to specifically look like your tooth that they are being placed over, and cover from the gum line to the top of the cusp. They not only make the tooth look great again, but fortify and protect it from further damage.

In the past, molds and images of an affected tooth would need to be sent out to a lab, where your crown would be made. This would take at least a week, necessitating more than one appointment, resulting in time away from work, school, or social activities. In the meantime, you would have to wear a temporary crown, which is much less stable and can be uncomfortable at times.

Why wait to get something as simple as a dental crown? Our dentists in Orange County are proud to now offer their patients same day crowns. These restorations are made right in our office and can be placed in just one appointment.

Same day crowns are made using new milling technology. Just as before, impressions and pictures are taken of the affected tooth. This information is then sent to our CAD/CAM machine, which can create your restoration from the material chosen in less than an hour. Our same day crowns dentist in Orange County can then place it on the tooth, allowing you to return back to your normal schedule right away.

How Long Does a Typical Teeth Whitening Last?

Two women hugging and smilingOver the course of years, the teeth can become stained and discolored. This can occur due to foods and drinks with harsh colors, such as berries and energy drinks, as well as age and physical damage. In many cases, teeth whitening treatment can eliminate these stains and brighten the enamel. Many patients come in to our office wondering how long typical teeth whitening treatments last.

There are different types of whitening procedures, such as gel, laser, and Zoom. Because of how they work, some treatments last longer than others. They have been known to last for as short as six months and as long as two years.

Patients can ensure that the effect of their treatment lasts for as long as possible with only a few precautions. Brushing the teeth after eating meals can work to remove debris that can change the color of the enamel. Flossing regularly can have the same effect. Mouth wash also has whitening properties, and our cosmetic dentists in Orange County can recommend ones that may work for you. Finally, be sure to visit our expert in teeth whitening in Orange County regularly to ensure dental health.

When are Dentures Recommended?

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Dentures are one of three options available to those missing teeth. Implants and bridges are also popular options, but many choose dentures for several viable reasons. Our dentist in Orange County may recommend dentures for you depending on factors such as your oral health, age, and personal preferences.

Partial dentures

When even just one tooth in the smile is missing, a patient’s dental and oral health can be seriously compromised. The gap left from the missing tooth means it is possible for the remaining teeth to shift into that space, which causes severe orthodontic issues. Filling the gap with a partial denture can prevent this affect, as well as restore the look of the smile.

Full Dentures

Dentures may be the most effective option when all of the teeth in the mouth have been knocked-out or removed. Implants can take months to heal and dental bridges need stable teeth for support. Patients who do not have the time or dental health for these options can get a solution all at once with full dentures.

Our expert in dentures in Orange County can discuss your options at a consultation appointment. Call to schedule one today and start on the road to a renewed smile.

How to Find Out if You Have Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apnea is an exceptionally common condition that many people have no idea that they have. Given the laundry list of ramification of such a diagnosis, this is a concerning reality. Finding out if you have sleep apnea is extraordinarily important and should be undertaken as soon as possible.

To do so, there are a few simple steps that you can take. Begin by scheduling an appointment with our dentist in Orange County.

Since this is likely to be at least a couple of weeks out, begin keeping a sleep diary for a week or two prior to your appointment. In it, keep track of your sleep schedule over the course of a week or two. Then note how you feel in the morning, paying particular attention to whether or not you have headaches in the morning. It is also important to indicate if you regularly have dry mouth or need to urinate frequently during the night. Also write down if anyone says they heard you snoring and even potentially catch a recording of it. Lastly, indicate if you needed to take a nap during the day or if you felt tired throughout the day.

Give all of this information to our expert in sleep apnea in Orange County. You will be asked additional information, including regarding your medical history. Then you may be given a machine to test yourself during the night in your sleep. Otherwise, it may be recommended that you visit a sleep testing center for more intensive recordings. Ultimately, these tests will be able to indicate if you suffer from this condition.

Contact our office to find out what you can do to deal with it any potential sleep apnea you may have.