When are Incognito Braces a Good Option?

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Incognito braces are a type of lingual braces, or braces that fit on the back of your teeth. They are a great option for adults and teens who want to fix their orthodontic problems without visible braces. Lingual technology is often used in people with gaps, protruding front teeth, crowding and other orthodontic problems. It can be used to treat most of the same problems that can be treated by conventional braces.

The primary difference between conventional braces and lingual braces is the placement of the brackets and wires. In order to fit on the back of the teeth, the brackets must be custom made. This can take longer to ensure a flawless fit. You will need to adjust to the feeling of having the brackets and wires on the inside, or tongue surface, of your teeth, but for most people, this takes just a few days.

As with any braces, good dental hygiene is important. Food and debris can get stuck in the brackets or wires, so you will need to brush and clean carefully around each tooth after every meal or snack. You might also need to avoid specific foods, particularly hard, chewy or sticky foods that could damage your braces. Call our dental office today to learn more about your candidacy or to schedule your consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Houston.


How Fast Does Invisalign Express Work?

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Invisalign offers three different types of treatment. One type is Invisalign Express, which is used for patients with only a few mild orthodontic issues that need to be addressed. Our LA orthodontist will recommend Invisalign Express if your smile requires two millimeters or less of midline correction and spacing or crowding per arch, as well as minimal dental expansion and tooth rotation.

Many are curious about exactly how long Invisalign Express takes. It is important to remember that no two smiles are the same, meaning that everyone will have different treatment experiences and costs. Your treatment may take a few less or a few more aligners than normal, depending on your orthodontic progression. It is also important to remember to wear the aligners for at least twenty-two hours a day. Any less than this, and treatment may be prolonged.

Typical treatment time spans about six months, utilizing ten to twenty aligners. You might decide to undergo this option before a wedding, graduation, or school reunion. You can find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign Express at a consultation appointment with our Invisalign Express dentist.

Traditional Braces Alternatives

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Traditional braces have always been the gold standard in correcting orthodontic structure for virtually any patient. Since the beginning of orthodontic practices, professionals have developed several deviations of metal braces. One of these variations is Damon braces.

Damon braces are still similar to traditional braces in that they use brackets bonded to the teeth, and wires that are threaded through them. The main difference between the two is that the wires are self-ligating. This means that they are able to shift and tighten on their own.

Self-ligating braces allows two main important factors. First, this allows for less hardware on the brackets. They no longer need bands in order to keep the wire in place, and therefore no need for the four pointy band holders. This allows for the brackets to be much smaller, and so much less noticeable. Self-ligating wires also mean that patients spend less time in the dentist’s chair. Our orthodontist in Los Angeles can offer clear brackets made of ceramic, meaning the appliance would be that much less noticeable.

Damon braces offer even more benefits, including a faster treatment time, and less pressure and friction on the teeth. Schedule a consultation appointment at our office to learn about Damon braces and other similar appliances.


Why is an Invisalign Retainer Needed?

Patients are sometimes surprised to learn that there is one last step after Invisalign treatment is over. But don’t worry – the last part is not nearly as involving as wearing your aligners for all those months. After you are finished with your main orthodontic treatment you will need to wear a retainer.

Invisalign retainers are very similar to regular aligners. They look and fit around the teeth in the exact same way. The main difference between the two is that retainers do not attempt to shift the teeth, but are designed to keep them in place.

Trusting the teeth will stay in their new spaces after orthodontic treatment is dangerous. The teeth actually tend to shift back into their old, unhealthy spots. An Invisalign Retainer helps to keep them where they should be, so as to not negate all of the hard work you and your smile have done.

Our dentist may recommend you wear your retainer as much as you did your aligners, or only at night. If you are instructed to wear them for at least twenty hours a day, we may later lessen that time after the teeth have had time to adjust. We recommend retainers for patients of Invisalign Express, Full, and Teen.


Facts About Invisalign

Invisalign is a relatively new orthodontic appliance that many patients are opting for today. If you are considering getting Invisalign to straighten your teeth and correct your bite, it might be helpful to know as much as you can about the appliance beforehand. The following are some important and interesting facts about Invisalign.

• More than 1.3 million people have benefitted from Invisalign so far, ninety-six percent of which reported satisfaction after treatment.
• Not only can it straighten the teeth and correct misaligned bites, but also keep the gums healthy, make cleaning easier, decrease the risk of enamel wear, and even result in weight loss.
• At a consultation appointment, patients can watch a virtual simulation of the projected progression of their smile. This provides a helpful look at the process and result goals.
• Invisalign patients can enjoy fewer visits to our Rocklin dentist, as they can switch to their next set of aligners on their own after every two weeks. Check-up appointments are needed only every four to six weeks.
• Aligners can be removed by the patient as needed in order to eat, drink liquids other than water, and brush.
• Patients interested in Invisalign can schedule a consultation appointment to learn more.

To learn more, contact our office.


Orthodontic Treatments and Their Importance

dental bracesOrthodontics only seems superficial. If you think braces or Invisalign represent smile upgrades exclusively, you should consider all the external factors of having straight teeth. Orthodontics is foundational in dentistry—it looks after all the dentofacial structures and protects them against future breakdown.

First of all, crooked or rotated teeth are hard to clean. Having cleaner teeth reduces your exposure to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. You also are less likely to need crowns or inlays/onlays.

Orthodontics also relates heavily to the jaw and bite. If you have a birth defect like a severe malocclusion, or if your bite was damaged by thumbsucking or tongue thrust, you need an expert in orthodontic treatments in Beverly Hills. A product like Invisalign can straighten teeth but not correct malocclusion, and even braces sometimes need help. Other appliances like occlusal splints or cheek bumpers may be necessary. If you have TMJ symptoms, especially those due to jaw malformation, orthodontics could play an essential part in your treatment.

The younger you identify any orthodontic issues, the better your dental career can be planned. Ask our dentists in Beverly Hills about the right age to start your children on orthodontic treatments.


Things to Not Do During Invisalign Treatment

Junge Frau setzt lächelnd Zahnspange in den MundIt’s exciting to be on the path to straighter teeth and a healthier smile. Invisalign is a great way to do this, as it offers several benefits during treatment, such as removability and comfort. To ensure that your treatment goes smoothly and that your teeth remain healthy, there are some habits and activities that you should avoid.

Our dentist in Rocklin encourages all patients to quit smoking during treatment with Invisalign. In fact, they may even exclude it as an option if you are a smoker. This is because the heat and ingredients in cigarettes can damage the aligners, causing them to warp and become weak. If your dentist approves, Invisalign might be a great reason and motivator to stop smoking, leading to an overall healthier life.

Patients should also be sure to keep a good eye on their aligners. If they are lost or damaged, it could take some time to get a replacement. This can elongate treatment time considerably, as not only will the teeth not be exposed to pressure from the aligner, but can also begin to revert back to their old places during this time. To avoid this issue, be sure to place your aligners in a holder when taking them off to eat so they are not misplaced or broken.