When to Start Taking Your Child to the Dentist

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Baby’s first year is often filled with visits to his or her pediatrician. These checkups help track your baby’s growth, keep him on track with immunizations and help her stay healthy. Unfortunately, not as many parents are aware that they also need to take their baby to the dentist.

Your baby may not have visible teeth yet, but those teeth are developing rapidly. Keeping her mouth healthy sets her up for a lifetime of better dental health. The American Dental Association and our Santa Clara dentists recommend bringing your baby in for a checkup by the time she is 12 months old or no later than six months after the eruption of his first tooth.

Baby dental appointments are a little different from appointments for adults. During your child’s appointment, our dentist will get to know your child so that he is comfortable and relaxed now and at later visits. We then look at her teeth and make sure that they are all erupting properly and are healthy. We can even share tips and tricks that can make dental hygiene for your baby go a little more smoothly and with fewer objections from your little one.

Those primary teeth may not last forever, but they help your child eat and learn to speak. They also maintain the spacing for permanent teeth so that your child can always smile with confidence. Call us today to schedule your baby’s first appointment with our pediatric dentist in Santa Clara.